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I was referred to Silverstate Credit Services through a friend of mine, who is a Mortgage Lender that refers this company to its clients with credit issues. My credit was in pretty bad shape. All 3 scores under 580 with thousands of dollars in collections and other bad accounts. I was very reluctant at first, to pay for something I didn't know would work so well. 6 months after I started with Silverstate, almost all negative accounts have been updated/cleared from my credit report. My scores have all exceeded 600 and most importantly my mid FICO score is 655 which makes me eligible for a mortgage loan. I opened up a credit card and my scores are continuing to increase. I'm very pleased with this service and recommend it to my friends, family, and anyone reading this page.   Grateful


I just wanted to give a big thanks to Mr. Casey
He has been awesome!
he is a great asset to your company!

Thanks for prioritizing me!



I am so grateful that I used Silver State Credit Services. I started with under 420 score am now at 650 in less than 7 months and my husband and I were just approved for a $5000.00 credit card for our business. The integrity and care that Scott Casey uses is beyond what I ever would have expected from a credit specialist.

Brent and Melissa